Best of Hobby Lobby and Michaels Spring Decor

Happy Spring y’all! I’m so excited that the days are longer and the sun is shining these days. I am so ready to decorate for spring so I went to Hobby Lobby and Michaels to find the best picks of their spring and Easter collections. So let’s “hop” to it.

Hobby Lobby Finds

First we’ll start with the Hobby Lobby finds. All the spring and Easter decor which was ALL 40% off! What a bargain what a deal.

Here is a picture of the sale pricing for Hobby Lobby-I will be posting the sale prices with each photo.
  1. The first picture are two signs that were adorable. These would look so cute hanging up on a front porch!
  2. The middle picture is planter that would look perfect on a kitchen window sill or shelf with fresh herbs or flowers.
  3. The third picture would make a great Easter centerpiece and the best part is it’s already pre-made so you don’t have to arrange anything!

4. Well, the first thing I need to say is I LOVE pigs. I’m not really sure why but I think they are so cute so I adore this pig planter in the first picture and the decorative pig in the second.
5. The second pig would be great in a kitchen for decoration.
6. The third picture is a small watering can, these would be so cute on a small end table or nightstand. This piece came in three different colors.
7. This Bless This Nest sign would be perfect for a living room or entryway. I like that it’s a neutral color so this could actually work all year long.
8. This bunny wreath is precious! If you aren’t into a lot of color but still want to decorate for spring you should definitely need to pick this cutie up.
9. This egg basket would be perfect for an end table or small space. You could even put some fake carrots or eggs in it to add more color. This basket also came in multiple colors.

Wrapping up the Hobby Lobby finds with these neutral buckets.
10. These metal buckets are perfect for spring. You can add some greenery or flowers to really make it feel like spring. These buckets would also transition well for other seasons.

Michael’s Finds

Here are my top pick’s of Michael’s spring collection. Their spring and Easter decor were 40% off as well.

11. This egg holder was the most gorgeous shade of blue. This would be great to bring to any Easter get togethers.
12. I loved these cute chalkboard signs. I’m not sure where I would put them in my house but I need them.
13. This color is really popular this season. This vintage mailbox would look great anywhere in the home.
14. These gingham plates would be perfect for anyone hosting Easter dinner! They also came in several colors and are a steal at less than $5 a piece.
15. Not would these scales bring spring to the kitchen but they also work!
16. This gray bird would be perfect for anyone decorating a three tiered tray for spring.

Who doesn’t love decorative pillows? They are such an easy way to decorate for the seasons. Michaels definitely had a cuter selection of spring pillows versus Hobby Lobby. These would look so cute on any couch all for less than $15 each.

Michaels also had the better deal on florals which are 40% off right now!

So thats my pick of the best of these two spring collections! I love how affordable all of these pieces are. Decorating for the seasons does NOT have to be expensive and everything can be stored away and used annually.
I hope you found the information in this post useful and have a great time decorating for spring.
Until next time,

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