Wedding Registry Must Haves

I am a lover of all things wedding! From the color scheme to the flowers to the dress I love it all! But I did not realize something super important about wedding planning until I got engaged myself and that is… YOUR REGISTRY!!

Registering for stuff is so much fun! We registered at Bed Bath and Beyond (the mother of all registries) and Walmart because your girl loves the Pioneer Woman. Since Bed Bath and Beyond is such a huge hot spot for wedding registries I will be going over some of my favorite things we registered for there.
Tip: This is the only shower you will get for items for the home. Keep that in mind when registering. Right now you might have plenty of towels and sheets but in 10 years you’ll have wished you registered for more. We packed up the majority of the towels we got so when the towels we currently use start to wear out and look rough we can break out a set of the new ones.

Kitchen Gear

After our five wedding showers we had we were set on things for the kitchen. One of my favorite things we received was this beautiful KitchenAid Mixer! Isn’t she beautiful? It stays out of my kitchen counter because I love to look at it. The color of our mixer is Matte Gray because I love neutrals but this mixer comes in a ton of beautiful colors to fit your personal style. This is definitely a hefty purchase but worth the money in my opinion!

I am the casserole queen (seriously ask my husband) so I use these casserole dishes with a lid 24/7! It is so nice to be able to put the lid back on the leftovers and pop it into the fridge whenever dinner is over. It’s also great for traveling if you’re going to a family get together or a church meal!

This knife set we got is awesome. It has any kind of knife you could possibly need and the quality is amazing. 10/10 highly recommend.

These OXO Good Grips Food Storage Containers are a dream. I actually did not have these on the registry but we were gifted them and I am so happy we were! I love them. I plan on getting more for my whole pantry. They make this OCD girl’s heart happy ❤

We use this dish rack all the time! It’s perfect for things that need to be hand washed and is amazing quality.


This comforter y’all! It’s a beautiful light gray (if you haven’t picked up on it yet gray is one of my favorite colors because #neturalsforever). It’s a value for a 10-piece set and has held up really well even after several washes.


I love Kate Spade and have several purses so when I saw her stuff at BBB I had to add it. I love our shower curtain and all the matching accessories.

This 3-tired shower caddy is hands down one of the best things we’ve gotten. It holds so much and now we aren’t knocking all the bottles off in the shower all the time.


With a dog and a cat I feel like we are constantly vacuuming up pet hair but with this vacuum it takes no time at all to get the house looking great again. I can’t stress this enough invest in a good vacuum you will thank yourself for it later!


I love this three-tired tray. It’s so fun to decorate. I’ve included a picture of how I styled it for spring. 🙂

This luggage is a great investment. They are so durable and did great on our trip to Jamaica. The best part is the small one fits inside the big one so it takes up less space.

Wrap Up

Well that’s all I have on my picks for the registry favorites at Bed Bath and Beyond. Let me know if you want more wedding tips! Until next time.

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