DIY Porch Update

I’ve had several people ask about my porch so I decided to sit down and give a detailed post about this porch refresh.

One of my favorite people I follow on Instagram had done something similar on their porch. I had been waiting for the weather to get warmer so I could get started on this project.

First I ordered my stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils and it is called Star Tile Stencil. I liked the quality of this stencil and they are usually running some type of sale.

FYI: If you want to paint your porch make sure you have several good days of weather. It’s a multi-day project and rain could ruin it.

This was the before of our porch.

First, I went to Home Depot and got porch paint in my chosen colors. I got one gallon in black, my base color. I got another gallon in white which is what color I did my stencil design in. I also got some cleaner for the porch and sealer. I will include pictures of the products I got.

This is not the color paint I got but this is the type of paint I used.
This is what you clean your porch with first.
This is what you need to seal your design with.

Step 1: Get materials

Step 2: Clean the porch with your cleaner use a stiff bristle brush to clean. Once clean let it dry overnight.

Step 3: Once your porch is dry it is time to paint with your base color. I took a brush and cut in first and then I took a roller and did two coats.

Step 4: Once your base color is dry you can start on the stencil. My base color was actually dry in the same day so I started on the stencil that afternoon. Make sure you line your stencil up each time. This keeps the finished product straight.
TIP: Keep a damp rag nearby and wipe your stencil off periodically. This keeps it clean and your lines sharp.

TIP 2: I used a small roller brush for my stencil but I have seen several people use a brush and dab it on. It is important to have a light hand when doing the stencil. If you have a heavy hand if can cause the design to not be as clean.

Step 5: Seal your porch. This is a super important step- do not skip it. If you don’t seal it the paint will chip off overtime. I went over my porch with three coats of sealer. Let this dry for 24 hours before walking on it.

Step 6: Step back and admire your beautiful porch. I am writing this post 6 months after I completed it and it has help up wonderfully over time.

A few weeks later my dad and I built this porch swing and hung it up and I love the way it looks. I’m hoping to finish my porch when it warms up. I have one thing left to do before it’s complete.

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